Minister Dang Quoc Khank works with international partners on sustainable development cooperation


TN&MTMembers of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Quoc Khanh, on March 4th, received international partners to exchange and collaborate on natural resources, climate change adaptation, and energy transition.

Minister Dang Quoc Khank worked with international partners on sustainable development cooperation

During the meeting and working session with Mr. Honna Hitoshi - Chairman of Erex Corporation - one of Japan's leading companies in biomass electricity technology, both expressed interest in implementing a raw material development project, investing in biomass power plants, and converting coal-fired power plants into biomass power plants in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Honna Hitoshi, the corporation has come to Vietnam and held meetings with ministries, sectors, and People's Committees of provinces/cities regarding the potential development of biomass electricity and the possibility of converting coal-fired power plants into biomass power plants in Vietnam. The corporation recognizes Vietnam as a country with a large biomass resource potential, estimated at around 120 million tons, which has not been efficiently utilized. This valuable resource includes by-products and agricultural waste conversion. The conversion of by-products and agricultural waste helps to integrate agriculture into industry. The Chairman of Erex Corporation believes that the efficient use of this biomass resource will contribute to Vietnam's economy.

In the discussion with the chairman of Erex, Minister Dang Quoc Khanh commended Erex for its expertise in converting coal-fired power plants into biomass power plants in Japan, with initiatives such as co-firing biomass fuel with coal to adapt to the increasing demand for electricity consumption. Therefore, Erex Corporation's investment strategy will be in line with the current conditions of Vietnam - a development that aligns with international commitments to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 while maintaining a stable power capacity to support other socio-economic activities.

In further discussions with Mr. Honna Hitoshi, it was highlighted that the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) is currently perceived as one of the concrete mechanisms derived from the Paris Agreement, holding significant potential to evolve into a global mechanism with an increasing network of participating countries. Vietnam is among the leading countries in implementing the JCM mechanism globally and can fully utilize JCM as a tool to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and develop a low-carbon economy.

Projects under this mechanism need to be accurate, precise, and compatible with the needs and conditions of each sector of Vietnam's economy. Only then can they have a feasible roadmap, comprehensive scope, and attract effective participation and coordination from various societal components, ministries, departments, and even local People's Committees.

Therefore, Minister Dang Quoc Khanh emphasized that the proposals and projects put forth by Erex Corporation need to generate employment opportunities, ensure livelihoods for local residents involved in the projects, and guarantee sustainability and credibility for both the state and the enterprise.

Minister Dang Quoc Khanh and Chairman Honna Hitoshi have tasked the specialized agencies of both parties to develop collaborative programs. Both sides are confident that following today's meeting, Erex Corporation and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will engage in more effective cooperation activities, contributing to further deepening the relationship between Vietnam and Japan, particularly in the fields of natural resources and environment.

Minister Dang Quoc Khank worked with international partners on sustainable development cooperation

Minister Dang Quoc Khanh also had a meeting with Mr. Kees van Baar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Vietnam on March 4th . Minister Dang Quoc Khanh and the Ambassador exchanged views on the cooperation program between the two sides in the coming time based on the goals and conditions of both Vietnam and the Netherlands.

During the meeting, it was also shared that the King and Queen of the Netherlands are scheduled to make an official visit to Vietnam in the upcoming days (March 18-22, 2024). Minister Dang Quoc Khanh and Ambassador Kees van Baar expressed confidence that this significant visit by the King and Queen would further deepen the Vietnam-Netherlands relationship, fostering stable, substantive, and long-term development across all areas, particularly in natural resource and environmental cooperation.

Through the visit of the King and Queen, the Minister instructed the International Cooperation Department to coordinate with the Embassy to arrange a meeting between Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, Mark Harbers, and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam. This meeting aims to facilitate discussions on cooperation programs between the two sides.

During the meeting, leveraging the strengths and potentials of the Netherlands, Minister Dang Quoc Khanh, through Ambassador Kees van Baar, proposed that the Netherlands serve as a bridge to support Vietnam in geological management tasks. This support includes conducting research on essential mineral resources of Vietnam; assisting in drafting geological and mineral laws; urging the Netherlands to consider and support basic surveys and water resource planning; refining the legal framework for water resource management such as amending the Water Resources Law and related decrees and circulars; establishing water resource databases, and sharing experiences in water resource management.

In the field of climate change, Vietnam desires continued support from the Netherlands in the following areas: providing postgraduate training in climate change; technical assistance in the development of renewable energy in Vietnam, particularly in solar and offshore wind energy technologies, as well as integrating renewable energy sources into the power system operation; sharing experiences in updating the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

In the environmental sector, Vietnam suggests that the Netherlands consider and aid in advancing the implementation of a circular economy through waste recycling and reuse to create valuable commodities and products; developing policies and technical standards for the development of waste-to-energy projects; sharing experiences and providing technical support in the management, development, and application of waste treatment technologies for household waste, industrial waste, and hazardous waste to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ambassador Kees van Baar pledged that the Embassy of the Netherlands will fulfill its mission to ensure that following today's meeting, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Embassy of the Netherlands will deepen the relationship between the two countries overall and enhance cooperation between Vietnam and the Netherlands in the fields of resources and environment in particular.

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