Minister Dang Quoc Khanh's speech at the ceremonies for world ocean day, world environment day 2023


TN&MTOn June 4, 2023, in Nghe An, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment coordinated with the People's Committee of Nghe An province to organize the National Launching Ceremony of Vietnam Seas and Islands Week, Action Month for the Environment in response to World Environment Day, World Ocean Day. Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Quoc Khanh gave a speech at the event. Natural Resources and Environment Magazine would like to respectfully publish the full text of the speech of Minister Dang Quoc Khanh.

Bài phát biểu của Bộ trưởng Bộ TN&MT Đặng Quốc Khánh tại Lễ Phát động quốc gia

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Quoc Khanh and delegates planting trees at the event

Dear Mr. Thai Thanh Quy, Member of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the National Assembly Delegation, Chairman of the People's Council of Nghe An Province; Leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, Provincial People's Committee Nghe An;

Dear Mr. Hoang Trung Dung, Member of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the National Assembly Delegation of Ha Tinh Province;

Dear Comrade Nguyen Thanh Binh, former member of the Party Central Committee, former Deputy Head of the Standing Committee of the Central Organization Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Elderly Association;

Mrs. Ramla Khalidi, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam;

Dear comrades, Leaders of ministries, departments, branches and agencies at central and local levels;

Dear international guests, delegates, distinguished guests and all the people.

Today, along with more than 150 countries around the world, we present in Nghe An, the great and beloved President Ho Chi Minh’s homeland, which is rich in revolutionary tradition with potential development and advantages, solemnly held the National Launching Ceremony of Vietnam Seas and Islands Week, Environmental Action Month in response to World Oceans Day, World Environment Day 2023!

On behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment leaders, I would like to welcome the leaders and representatives of the Party agencies, the National Assembly, the Government, and the Central Committee. Vietnam Fatherland Front; ministries, departments, branches, and central mass organizations; distinguished guests representing the United Nations resident agency in Vietnam; international organizations; leaders of the Provincial Party Committee; People's Council, People's Committee, and Fatherland Front Committee of Nghe An province; Representatives of leaders of provinces and centrally run cities; Press agencies and all delegates and people attended and watched live on television at this solemn ceremony.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests!

The lives of human for many generations has always been attached to the environment and nature. In particular, seas and oceans account for more than 2/3 of the earth’s surface, contain more than 95% of the earth's water, and play an important role in maintaining our economic activities, spiritual and cultural values. Oceans, seas, and coastal areas are also necessary for food security and public health, making essential contribution to famine eradication and poverty reduction by creating sustainable livelihoods.

However, we are facing some pressing environmental problems such as climate change and sea level rise. In particular, the persistent issue that has strongly captured the attention of many nations is ocean plastic waste, unsustainable exploitation and the use of natural resources. This is global problems that require efforts from each country as well as strong collaboration from the international community.

Since 2018, the United Nations has launched the theme of solving plastic and nylon pollution to propagate, and raise the community awareness to change habits of using disposable plastic products, reducing environmental pollution, and protecting human health. Since then, many countries around the world have taken specific actions to reduce and abandon the use of some environmentally unfriendly plastic products. At the same time, they need to increase recycling, reusing, and circulation of plastic waste.

Once again “Solution to Plastic Pollution” with a focus on campaign execution “Beat Plastic Pollution” continues to be selected as the theme of World Environment Day 2023. This message along with the theme “Planet of the Ocean: The Tides Are Changing” of World Oceans Day strongly conveyed the message of building a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature; emphasize the role of the ocean, human life depends on the ocean; Humanity needs to join hands to protect the ocean as well as our entire blue planet.


Bài phát biểu của Bộ trưởng Bộ TN&MT Đặng Quốc Khánh tại Lễ Phát động quốc gia

Minister Dang Quoc Khanh participated in cleaning the beach

Dear delegates!

Vietnam is a maritime country, and the sea plays an important role in the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland, a living space, a gateway for international exchanges, and is closely connected to the construction and defense of the Fatherland. Sustainable development of the marine economy is one of the major policies of our Party and State with the view of sustainable development of the marine economy based on blue growth, biodiversity of marine ecosystems conservation; ensuring the harmony between economic and natural ecosystems, between conservation and development, between the interests of coastal and landlocked localities. Strengthen connections and restructure industries and fields in the direction of improving productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness, promoting the potential advantages of the sea, creating motivation for the country's economic development, and achieving the goal of making Vietnam a strong maritime country.

But like many other countries, we are facing many challenges such as the problem of white pollution, which is closely related to economic development and social stability. With about 50% of the country's population living in lowland and coastal areas, Vietnam is considered one of the most vulnerable countries and can suffer from many disastrous impacts of climate change, environmental pollution, and sea level rise.

That poses many challenges to the implementation of the country's famine eradication and poverty reduction goals, millennium development goals, and sustainable development, requiring us to promptly have practical solutions.

In recent times, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has proactively advised the Party and State to promulgate many important guidelines and policies on natural resource management, environmental protection, response to climate change, and sustainable development of marine economy: Resolution No. 34 of the 11th Party Central Committee on proactively responding to climate change, strengthening resource management and environmental preservation; Resolution No. 36 of the 12th Party Central Committee on the Strategy for sustainable development of Vietnam's marine economy to 2030, with a vision to 2045; Law on Environmental Protection 2020; Law on Marine and Island Environment Resources 2015; Strategy for sustainable exploitation and use of resources, protection of marine and island environment until 2030, vision to 2050; National environmental protection strategy to 2030, vision to 2050 and many other important legal documents and projects. Thereby, we have gradually raised community awareness about the harmful effects of products derived from plastic and nylon; single use for the ecosystem environment and human health.

Closely following the Prime Minister's Directive on limiting the use of single-use plastic products and degradable plastic bags, encouraging the production of environmentally friendly products, replacing traditional plastic products that are being used. Deployed synchronously across the country, many campaigns against plastic waste were launched, attracting large participation from people.

The marine economy, and sea and coastal areas are becoming the motivation for national development. The infrastructure system is invested, and the material and spiritual life of the people in the coastal area is improved. Scientific research, basic surveys, and marine human resource development have brought about many positive results. The management, exploitation, use, and protection of marine environmental resources and response to climate change and sea level rise have been focused on.

However, environmental protection and management of marine and island resources in Vietnam are still facing many difficulties and challenges. The marine environment shows signs of pollution, natural resources, and biodiversity are decreasing, and exploitation and use of sea and island resources are still ineffective and unsustainable. People's awareness of resource exploitation and use is not high. The habit of using disposable plastic products has been putting great pressure on environmental management and protection.


Bài phát biểu của Bộ trưởng Bộ TN&MT Đặng Quốc Khánh tại Lễ Phát động quốc gia

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vo Tuan Nhan and delegates and youth union members participated in cleaning up the beach

Ladies and Gentlemen!

This year's World Environment Day and World Oceans Day are an opportunity for us to affirm our determination to change perceptions; unified action; proactively overcome established difficulties and challenges; prevent an increase in the rate of pollution and environmental degradation; sustainable exploitation and use of marine and island resources; ensure ecological balance; gradually replace the use of non-degradable plastic bags with environmentally friendly products in daily life, contributing to environmental protection for the country's sustainable development goals.

Today, at this solemn ceremony, where Cua Lo Beach is blessed with many natural advantages in terms of resources and potential for marine economic development, I would like to announce the launch of Vietnam Seas and Islands Week, Action Month for the Environment in response to World Oceans Day, World Environment Day 2023. I call on ministries, branches, central mass organizations, local authorities, organizations, individuals and businesses should take practical actions to solve the problem of plastic waste pollution, contributing to environmental protection, sea and ocean protection; sustainable exploitation and use of sea and island resources, focusing on the following tasks and solutions:

Firstly, unity in awareness and action to deal responsibly with the seas and oceans according to the Party's guidelines, the State's legal policies, and international law; overcome and eliminate the ideology of pursuing immediate economic benefits while disregarding environmental protection; further promote the development of a civilized marine ecological community; Consider this the ethical and cultural standard of each agency, organization, community, business, and people.

Second, implement environmental protection management and sustainable development of seas and islands. Effectively deploy appropriate strategies and policies to limit ocean plastic waste, preserve biodiversity, restore marine ecosystems, and promote responsible farming and exploitation in areas offshore seas and oceans, ensuring suitability for each sea area and the resilience of the ecosystem. Focus on developing multi-purpose, synchronous infrastructure, especially the transportation network, promoting investment and construction of Vietnam's coastal roads according to planning. Synchronously develop the formation of economic zones, industrial parks, and coastal ecological urban areas, form and develop strong marine economic centers, contributing a leading role in regional development and regional connectivity.

Third, prioritize investment; Promote basic investigation, scientific and technological research, and develop high-quality marine human resources; Strengthen environmental protection, especially coastal waters; improve the quality of the marine environment; Minimize resource degradation; and sustainable development of marine biodiversity.

Effectively handle sources of pollution to the sea, ocean, and land environment. Minimize plastic waste through strengthening control, recovery, and recycling of plastic bags and single-use plastic products. Limit and eventually stop importing, producing, and supplying non-biodegradable plastic bags at commercial centers and supermarkets across the country for daily use.

Fourth, take full advantage of the development of tourism and marine services to make Vietnam an attractive destination for the world; synchronized and effective exploitation of seaports and shipping services; improve the efficiency of exploiting marine mineral resources associated with deep processing; Research and exploration of new sedimentary basins and non-traditional forms of hydrocarbons; promote sustainable seafood farming and exploitation activities; Strengthen the protection and regeneration of marine resources, promote investment in construction and exploitation of wind power, solar power, and other forms of renewable energy; Improve productivity, quality, and international competitiveness of marine economic sectors, seas, and sea areas based on reality and natural conditions, in harmony with conservation and development.

Support and encourage businesses and people to invest in production from environmentally friendly materials to replace non-degradable product packaging. Implement preferential tax exemption policies for environmentally friendly products to replace single-use plastic products, non-degradable plastic bags, and materials that pose a risk of environmental pollution.

Fifth, continue to expand and strengthen cooperation with other countries, partners, and international organizations based on respecting the sovereignty, rights, and legitimate interests of maritime countries. Comply with international law, the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; ensuring maritime security and safety, contributing to building an environment of peace, stability, cooperation, and development.

Promoting heroic national historical traditions, resolutely maintaining the protection of sacred island sovereignty and coastal national interests, and resolving disputes by peaceful means according to international law, especially international law. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982. Creatively applying historical lessons, combining national strength with the strength of the times and the support and sympathy of the international community to firmly protect sovereignty maritime rights and marine economic activities.

Sixth, perform well the work of propaganda, education and raising awareness of the Fatherland's seas and islands, the awareness of protecting marine resources and environment, turning awareness into self-awareness and concrete action. , practical at all levels, industries, businesses and individuals; building a society that is aware of lifestyles and cultural behaviors associated with the sea; developing cultural positions in marine and coastal communities; promoting national identity, historical and cultural values, good sense in dealing with the sea, and build marine culture.

It is recommended that press agencies and mass media should actively propagate content related to limiting the use of plastic bags and plastic waste in the community; Discover and praise effective examples, models, and methods in managing, exploiting, and using island resources sustainably to create a spillover and illuminate the common efforts of the entire society.

Dear delegates!

I believe that, with the spirit of pursuit of international cooperation relationships and solidarity, unity, and internal efforts, we will achieve certain victories in the work of protecting natural resources. and the environment, protecting the sacred islands and seas of the Fatherland.

Every person, business and organization in society will play a positive and enthusiastic role in making contributions to the process of reducing environmental pollution, protecting the environment, and responding to climate change. At the same time, we need to promote the potential and advantages of the sea, implement sustainable economic development of the country, create a premise for Vietnam to reach the goal of building a future living in harmony with nature in 2050.

With the cooperation of the people and whole society, I believe that we will definitely succeed!

Once again, on behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, I would like to express my honest gratitude to the leaders of the Party, State, National Assembly and Government for always paying attention and closely directing the work of natural resources management and environmental protection, sustainable development of the country's marine economy.

Sincerely thank the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and many people of Nghe An province for coordinating to organize activities in response to World Environment Day and World Ocean Day 2023.

Thank the ministries, departments, branches, localities, and press agencies for attending and reporting on this solemn ceremony.

We wish all delegates, distinguished guests and all people good health, happiness and success. We wish our cause of environmental protection and sustainable management of island resources to achieve even greater achievements. Vietnam will soon become a strong country with wealth from the sea.

Thank you very much!


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