Deputy Minister Le Cong Thanh Receives Special Advisor on Climate Action of the United Nations


TN&MTOn August 8th, in Hanoi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Le Cong Thanh, met and worked with Mr. Selwin Hart, Assistant Secretary-General, Special Advisor on Climate Action of the United Nations (UN).


Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Le Cong Thanh, during the meeting

During the meeting, Mr. Selwin Hart emphasized the significance of the commitments made by nations, including Vietnam, at COP26 in addressing global efforts to combat climate change. Despite the challenges in Vietnam's economy, the country actively participates in progressive commitments alongside the international community. Vietnam's commitments at COP26 have received international support and recognition from the United Nations.

Mr. Selwin Hart also commended Vietnam's approval of the National Climate Change Strategy for the period up to 2050, which includes important goals in climate adaptation. This represents a crucial step for Vietnam in implementing its COP26 commitments, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, harness climate change opportunities for sustainable economic growth, and enhance economic resilience and competitiveness.

In the upcoming period, the UN will continue to support and collaborate with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in climate change, biodiversity, and environmental areas, particularly in implementing COP26 results, achieving net-zero emissions, and developing circular economy models in Vietnam.

Mr. Selwin Hart, Assistant Secretary-General, Special Adviser on Climate Action at the United Nations, during the meeting

Deputy Minister Le Cong Thanh welcomed Mr. Selwin Hart and proposed that the UN continue to encourage developed countries and international financial institutions to support Vietnam financially and technologically in implementing COP26 commitments. Additionally, he urged the UN to help enhance awareness, institutional capacity, and scientific and technical capabilities in effectively implementing the National Climate Change Strategy for the period up to 2050, which was recently approved by the Prime Minister. He also suggested UN support in establishing a domestic carbon market linked to the international market and consulting with international partners and stakeholders to assess methane emissions and reduction opportunities in various sectors to develop a 30% methane reduction plan.

Both sides exchanged views on various issues related to climate change, environmental protection, and circular economy.

Furthermore, support for the development of climate-resilient models in the Mekong Delta, resource allocation for coastal protection, and the application of high-tech solutions for circular economy development, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation were discussed during the meeting.

After the discussion with Deputy Minister Le Cong Thanh, Mr. Selwin Hart continued to work with members of the Working Group for Political Declaration on Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP). During the meeting, the group, consisting of representatives from the Ministries of Natural Resources and Environment, Foreign Affairs, Construction, Industry and Trade, Planning and Investment, Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, discussed specific cooperation activities and UN support in establishing JETP with the G7 and development partners.



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